Date – it – Differently

Ditch that “LBD” and those “pointed stilletos” and opt for “denim” and “flats” for your next date – break that stereotype & look fabulously unconventional..

Whenever we hear the word “date”, the first thought that hits the style spot in our brain is primarily LBDs or some short dress – something which is either very feminine or very sexy, but never do we even probably think of “date” in “denim”- they are soooo casual after all. But NO, not for me – to me they are overratedly casual while they are actually not, even they can make you look like a million bucks, provided you style it the right way. Sooooooooo!! Without wasting any further time let’s just Date it in Denim 😉


Here, I have teamed my everyday denim with a cold-shoulder solid black top, cold-shoulder being high in trend and black being the perfect colour for that steamingly romantic evening. I have folded the ends of my denim to add a little more edge to my look but its not a mandate.

Bags & Shoes 😉

Coming to the add-ons, I slipped into a pair of metallic-gold and black flats, I found it too chic and to glam it up further I went for this tanned brown sling with a metallic chain which perfectly complemented my shoes and it has that subtle amount of bling to it as well and as of jewellery I only used a neckpiece which went well with my top as well with the lipshade that I wore.One detail I have to include here, because it’s just amazing and that is, this neck piece which I am wearing here is made from the seeds of some fruit and was sold only for 50 bucks..this truly shows the creativity of human mind..


For the makeup I kept it fresh and minimum -well, which guy would not love to find her date as fresh as a daisy? I believe everyone of them would and going by that, for the ‘eyes’- I only did a thick black wing on my upper lid and for the lower lashline I used an white eye pencil to give that extra freshness to my eyes and finished of with some mascara on both my upper and lower lashes, for my ‘lips’ – I applied an ultra matte, very rich hot pink lipcolor, perfect for that perfect pout and lastly for that extra freshness I flushed my cheeks with a nice pinkish peach blusher and Voila!!!

And yesss because I was cribbing about “date & date” in this entire write up, then how can I be so rude to not show you my real date location, so here it is…

The place..
From my date..

Top- Myntra

Jeans- Levi’s

Bag- e2o

Shoe- Kalimpong

Neckpiece- Shantiniketan

Lipshade- Colorbar

Eyeliner- Maybelline

If you find it good, like and share.Plz plz plz and in case you have any queries about my look in this post, do post your comments, I’ll definitely reach out to each one of you. Byebye for now and lots of love your way ❤❤


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