A Bohemian Maxi Tale

Hey my people 🙂

Hope you all are healthy and happy!!

Well! As we all know the most dominant season of the country that we live in, that is “The Summers” are here but it’s yet to gain its total intensity and before that happens let us all enjoy this beautiful Spring time – ” In Style.”

Now keeping that in mind, I thought of creating a nice, breezy and colourful look that would perfectly complement the essence of this season and would be interesting and different as well with the ultimate blend of “bohemian vibe” in it. And so without wasting any more time, let me just jump into the look and present to you my – “Bohemian Maxi Tale”.

Coming to what I teamed up..


Because I wanted to create a spring-perfect look, so I went with this nice and colourful spaghetti maxi dress. It’s got very high slits on both sides, it’s got spaghetti straps and a nice deep back as well, making it very light and breezy and extremely well suited for this season.

And to further glam up the outfit, I wore a white ethnic jacket over it which has embroidery work on it, the colour of which was a perfect contrast to my dress.

Coming to hair and makeup..


For my hair to add that  bohemian vibe to the look, I curled the lengths of my hair, made a pouf at the front and finally created a normal three strands braid on both the sides and then pinned them up at the back.


For my makeup– I did a monotone brown look, with heavily kohled brown eyes, brownish nude lips and a sharp contour.

Coming to the accessories..


Now this is my most favourite part of all, I stacked up multi-coloured antique toned bangles and matched them with a similar antique toned finger ring and to spice it up more I wore two red feather danglers on one ear, hooking one on to the other and thereby creating an illusion of a hair extension too  😉

Finishing it all..


I paired my outfit with this metallic-bling flats and black painted nails. And yeah, it’s done 🙂



  • Maxi Dress – Global Desi from myntra
  • Jacket – People from myntra
  • Accessories – City Center, New Town, Kolkata
  • Shoes – Kalimpong

Direct link to the websites..



If you like this look  and happen to recreate it then don’t forget to share your look with me on my social media accounts. Connect with me everywhere and stay updated with all my stories.

  • FACEBOOK-   chicchick@stylestalk
  • INSTAGRAM-  chicchick_stylestalk
  • ROPOSO- @monalisakhan5

I hope you guys loved the look.

Keep showing your love and support.

Lots of love ❤️❤️

xoxo 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Bohemian Maxi Tale

    1. Yes dear it will suit them because the dress has a flowy silhouette but in case the person has bulky arms then I would suggest to wear a long sleeved jacket over it ❤


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